The software suite dedicated to business transformation

Transform your business with our collaborative decision-making and management platform, based on meta-project management, designed by and for the consulting industry.

What is transformation?

Transformation means changing a social entity from state A to state B, state B being considered more stable and more durable than state A.
Transformation is carried out in three distinct stages:

Step 1

Strategic demand management

  • Characteristics:
  • - Aligning decision-makers
  • - ROI-oriented
  • - Focus on strategic differentiators
  • - Streamlining requests
  • - Selecting projects
  • - Collaborative management mode

Step 2

Portfolio management

  • Characteristics:
  • - Implementing projects inside the organisation
  • - Commitment-oriented
  • - Focus on creating added value
  • - Operationalisation of demands
  • - Project framing
  • - Management by commitments

Step 3

Project management

  • Characteristics:
  • - Incorporation of projects into the organisation
  • - Cost control-oriented
  • - Focus on achieving milestones
  • - Measuring the effectiveness of requests made
  • - Project implementation/completion
  • - Project management mode

EDWARD Suite: the "digital twin" supporting your digital transformation

EDWARD Suite is the "digital twin" of the business transformation process. It allows you to reproduce both the components and the operating dynamics of the three stages of the transformation. Comprising productivity and facilitation tools, our software suite also automates low value-added tasks and redistributes team time to higher impact actions.

Tools to identify and install your strategic business differentiators

Comprising two main modules, plus additional practical tools and open to more than 10 APIs, EDWARD Suite ensures that you pass through each stage of your transformation.

Our connectors

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SSO for connection

Connecting to Gmail and Google Workspace.

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Available soon

for remote meetings

Hold online meetings by generating Zoom links directly from your personal account.

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Microsoft Teams

for remote meetings

Hold remote meetings by generating Teams links directly from your Office 365 account.

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Webex by Cisco

for remote meetings

Hold remote meetings by generating Webex links directly from your personal account.

Our APIs

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With the Governance API, integrate all the functionalities required to manage an efficient and relevant committee-driven governance system. Take advantage of our consulting methods to enrich your applications with a complete range of services.



The Meeting API will allow you to make the most of a service package dedicated to managing meetings. Simple yet comprehensive, this API makes it possible to plan meetings, invite participants, prepare meeting materials, moderate and produce relevant minutes.



Managing schedules, activities, milestones and dependencies is so much easier with the EDWARD Suite Schedule API. Using the services of this API, you can create multi-dimensional schedules and easily integrate them with an in-house business application.



Want to add a standalone Risk Management module to your internal application but don't have the resources to develop it? Just integrate EDWARD's Risk API and benefit from all our business expertise to analyse, process and monitor your project risks under the best conditions.


EDWARD Suite x BFM : First Campaign!

EDWARD Suite launches its first TV campaign, and will be displayed in video until March 18 on BFM TV and BFM Business. A presentation in the image of our software suite: dynamic, at the service of management and performance!