Take advantage of the full range of EDWARD services and features by using the suite's APIs directly.

Do you speak REST ?

All EDWARD suite functionalities are accessible and usable by your information system, via our REST APIs.



With the Governance API, you can integrate all the features needed to run an effective and relevant committee system. Make the most of these consulting methods to enrich your applications with a complete suite of services.



The Meeting API will allow you to make the most of a service package dedicated to managing meetings. Simple yet comprehensive, this API makes it possible to plan meetings, invite participants, prepare meeting materials, moderate and produce relevant minutes.



Managing schedules, activities, milestones and dependencies is so much easier with the EDWARD Suite Schedule API. Using the services of this API, you can create multi-dimensional schedules and easily integrate them with an in-house business application.



Want to add a standalone "Risk Management" module to your internal application but don't have the resources to develop it? Simply integrate EDWARD's Risk API and use our business expertise to analyse, process, and monitor your project risks under the best conditions.



API Project offers a suite of services for qualifying and prioritising production or transformation projects. API Project provides methodological support for defining the ID Card and the team, regardless of the nature of the project.



Producing deliverables requires a precise methodology that incorporates both production monitoring and validation. The Deliverable API allows you to easily manage these, based on best practice expertise.


Available soon

Information, Decision, Action. These simple concepts are often forgotten when it comes to collecting relevant data (meetings, activities, tasks, milestones, etc.). To effectively integrate these basic consulting concepts, we have developed an API that is easy to use and provides a wealth of services and features. You can produce high value-added content and easily make it interact with the rest of the EDWARD suite.


Available soon

How can you design a validation process to ensure fast and accurate decision making, in the simplest and most efficient way possible? This is what Workflow API can do: provide you with all the services you need to create a step-by-step validation system that is extremely easy to use and perfectly reliable.