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Decision & Commitment Manager

How to instruct, steer and arbitrate decisions inside a programme. Set up a shared dynamic to manage commitments.

What is
Commitment Management?

Commitment Management means translating topics selected upstream into a framework of commitments.

The Decision & Commitment Manager is an integrated solution that helps you streamline project implementation, manage commitments, install differentiators in the organisation, streamline decision-making and project quality, ensure up-to-date project communication at all times and maintain project coherence over time.

Be more effective when carrying out your project commitments

Make sure that the management and implementation of your company's strategic projects is fully secure

Using ID Cards (real identity cards that constantly remind you of the key success factors), the EDWARD Suite's DCM module ensures that the company embodies and appropriates all changes resulting from selected transformation projects.

By leveraging the transformation management processes integrated into the DCM module, EDWARD Suite supports project teams on a daily basis in managing all the tasks to be accomplished.

EDWARD Suite's built-in alert systems ensure that project teams are always aware of key milestones and their associated risks.

By capturing the initial gains declared in the ID Card, analysing the data collected and deployed throughout the projects; and using the "benefits tracking" function integrated into the DCM module of EDWARD Suite, you can measure the effectiveness of all projects implemented and then identify any corrective actions that need to be taken.

Using the various dashboards and alerts integrated into the DCM module of EDWARD Suite, you can maintain a zoomable view of the project data. The progress, completion, and finalisation of projects are facilitated by the project audit function integrated into the DCM module.


Does EDWARD Suite meet my needs as a digital nomad ?

Our application is available from the IOS and Android stores and will enable you to access all desktop features and functions, e.g. dashboards, contacts, project progress, deliverables, etc.

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Visualisation and qualification features for tactical decision making


View the program

The One-Pager gives a real-time projection of the status of a programme, your projects, and associated worksites, based on relevant, unique, and consolidated information.

Manage commitments

The ID Card brings together the essential information about a project, while ensuring that stakeholders can work together on it. It summarises the commitments and helps to define the objectives, gains, teams, resources, budget, change impacts, macro-planning, key milestones, and success and progress criteria for the various phases.

Ensure effective governance

The simplified representation of the organization of programs, projects and work sites, as well as the clearly defined roles of the actors, energizes the life of the programs. It preserves the framework and values the contribution of the participants.

Accelerate progress by reviewing shared actions in real time

The IDA (Information/Decision/Action) function helps set actions in motion, legitimate decision- making, and mitigate any identified risks.

Preserve a sense of purpose

The individualised homepage focuses the people in question on the actions to be carried out, the latest useful interactions, as well as the status of the projects or worksites in which they are involved, thus preserving the overall meaning and direction given to the action.