EDWARD Suite offers several installation modes to provide a best fit for your company's requirements and infrastructure.


EDWARD Suite hosted in the customer's infrastructure

The On-Premise solution enables the EDWARD application suite to be hosted within the client company's IT infrastructure. This solution ensures compliance with the client's infrastructure and security policy. It allows data storage and access to be maintained on an internal infrastructure controlled by the client's IT team. The backup of databases and files is organised and ensured by the customer in line with their requirements.

  • Installation in accordance with the company's infrastructure and security policy.
  • Data stored within the company. The application is managed in house only by the internal IT team.
  • Backup of databases and files organised and maintained by the in-house IT team, in line with their requirements.
  • User access limited to certain e-mail addresses and via a VPN connection.
  • Involvement of IT/IS teams in the life of the project (backup, updates, supervision, technical support, etc.)
  • Higher initial investment in the SaaS solution (purchase, installation and maintenance of servers, training of internal teams, etc.)
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Dedicated SaaS

Customer-dedicated cloud infrastructure managed by EDWARD

The dedicated SaaS solution allows clients of this offer to benefit from a hosting infrastructure reserved for their use, while taking advantage of the EDWARD Suite supervision and maintenance service. Clients can choose both the hosting provider (from a list validated by EDWARD) and the geographical location of their data.

This solution offers complete isolation of the hosting infrastructure, storage and security policy, while guaranteeing EDWARD technical support and functional upgrades to the application.

  • Choice of hosting provider and data location.
  • Sizing of the infrastructure according to the specific needs of the customer.
  • Customisable security policy (VPN, custom authentication).
  • Backup, maintenance and infrastructure scaling are all managed by EDWARD Suite.
  • Additional cost of installation, customisation and supervision of the infrastructure.
  • Manual deployment of application updates.
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Shared SaaS

Hosted on Amazon Web Service infrastructure (eu-west-3 region)

The shared SaaS solution uses the services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres in the Europe Paris region, physically located in the Paris region of France.

This is a proven, reliable solution. All AWS data centres comply with AWS Compliance policies and all hosting standards (security, network, client isolation): pci.DSS, SOC II, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, ISO 9001.

Scalability: The EDWARD application suite uses a micro-service architecture and a serverless hosting infrastructure that offers excellent performance and scalability, making it easy to support a major scale-up.

All the services used meet these requirements: function-based computing system, object storage, database cluster, cache system, message queuing system and load balancer.

Hosting providers never have access to our servers, logs or customer data.

All details regarding AWS compliance and certifications are fully documented and available on the official website.

  • Redundant infrastructure with Disaster Recovery Plan in case of failure of the main supplier.
  • Backup, maintenance and infrastructure scaling are all managed by EDWARD Suite.
  • Automatic deployment of application updates.
  • Customer data stored on a shared database cluster.
  • Use and storage limited to the selected licence offer.
  • No physical access to data, no choice of service provider or location.
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