Are you a consulting firm?

Discover why EDWARD Suite is the profession's digital twin and how you can optimise the management of large-scale projects by digitising all your commitments.

Business Units Department

Provide BU Consulting departments with a "digitised" process for meta-managing transformation projects, capable of raising awareness and training their consultants in best practices.

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Commercial Department

Optimise your sales effort by helping create any commercial proposal on its most frequently recurring aspects and facilitate drawing up a budget involving several BUs.

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Management Control Department

Simplify the tracking of delivery resources, particularly for fixed-price projects, and ensure that consumption is monitored.

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Delivery and Quality Department

Standardise delivery, facilitate remote management and team supervision, and build, deploy and monitor the implementation of the Quality Assurance plan in the easiest way.

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Does EDWARD Suite meet my needs as a digital nomad ?

Our application is available from the IOS and Android stores and will enable you to access all desktop features and functions, e.g. dashboards, contacts, project progress, deliverables, etc.

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EDWARD Mobile will soon be available on your Android and iOS smartphones

In a fast-changing world, mobility doesn't stay still! With EDWARD Mobile, you can stay permanently connected to Wall, your project's social network, with real time access to all up-to-date documents from all stakeholders.

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