Stand-alone applications

EDWARD Suite comprises a number of applications which can be added to the business modules (SPM and DCM) or can be used independently to create an everyday toolbox.



Your project news feed

Wall is an enterprise social network that contextualises content items by associating them with the various objects in the EDWARD suite (project, activity, meeting, deliverable).

In conjunction with DCM, Wall enables the right information to be delivered to the right person at the right time, and strengthens team cohesion in the transformation process. Backed by a communication plan, it ensures that information is disseminated at key conjunctures. Wall reinforces understanding and maintains a mobilising policy for leaders and teams during long-term transformation projects by delivering dedicated, relevant, individualised, and useful information.

Wall is a lean tool that ensures a regular flow of communication tailored to the information needs of each individual and naturally extends their circle of involvement. The messages are adapted to the company's internal culture. This is a key factor in the success of the transformation and provides the functional richness of Social Project Management.

  • Manual, automated, or programmable content publishing
  • Comment management
  • Reaction management
  • Adding attachments to publications
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Workflow Manager

Follow-up on validations

The Workflow Manager application makes it very easy to create document validation processes either independently or from other EDWARD Suite modules.

Workflow Manager ensures the delivery of realistic, accurate documents by subjecting them to one or more fully-customisable step-by-step validation process templates.

Workflow Manager enriches the different modules of EDWARD Suite by connecting, for example, to managing deliverables, or generating meeting minutes, or designing project ID Cards.

Workflow Manager makes it easy to involve decision-makers at each stage of project validation. It maintains links over time and ensures consistency throughout the decision-making process.

  • Validating attachments via the generic process
  • Validating the main objects of the EDWARD suite using adapted and customisable processes
  • Managing validation steps and appointing managers and deputies, step by step
  • Email notification of the validation life cycle
  • Triggering events through interaction with other modules
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EDWARD Document Manager

Knowledge base and storage

Available soon

EDWARD Document Manager is a document management tool that allows you to create and classify files and editorial content of any kind in a logical and strategic manner.

This application allows you to store, organise and prioritise all workspace data by associating them with different objects.

This simple, functional utility handles all requirements in the content creation chain, from initialization to distribution, while maintaining a strong sense of context to ensure coherence for the entire document management process within the workspace.

EDM is the essential knowledge capture tool for project management or production in any organisation.

  • File storage
  • Content generation
  • Classification and contextualisation of content
  • Versioning history
  • Circulating and sharing documents


For digital nomads

Available soon

Because transformation projects are inherently dynamic, and strategic decisions require maximum responsiveness, you can use EDWARD Suite on your mobile phone so you can always stay in touch with how your projects are developing.

EDWARD Mobile is an app that centralises all the information and essential functions of the software suite. The address book, social network, project tracking, and contextualised messaging modules are all available to project management professionals on their smartphones, so they can stay in constant contact with important issues in their business lives.

EDWARD Mobile is a constantly evolving app that accompanies you on your travels and connects you to all your workspaces. Over time, it will integrate more and more features, providing a simple and effective response to the important information needs of everyday business life.

  • Social network – news about projects
  • Real-time programme management
  • Monitoring commitments
  • Centralized management of contacts