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Strategic Portfolio Manager

Initialise, qualify and manage a portfolio of strategic projects. Set up a shared process for arbitration and decision making.

What is
Strategic Demand Management?

Strategic Demand Management involves processing requests or subjects that are strategic for the company in order to ensure a rational, shared and therefore relevant selection.

Strategic Portfolio Manager enables you to facilitate arbitration, translate the ROI vision into commitments, materialise differentiators, rationalise choices and launch shared, sustained projects.

Build dynamic project portfolios

Motivate teams to work on the company's most strategic projects

EDWARD Suite's SPM module enables management teams to forge a common, rational vision. This is necessary to ensure strategic alignment through a shared understanding of the impacts, challenges, and contributions of each project. Use SPM to establish clear objectives, while integrating the various aspects of the in-house culture expressed by the management teams.

EDWARD Suite's SPM module lets you record and share the ROI ambitions from the B-Case as well as the conditions for project success. In particular, safeguard the launch decision by accurately monitoring key research milestones upstream of the project.

Using the application process built into EDWARD Suite's SPM module and the dynamic projection capabilities of the results, it becomes easy to compare topics with each other, refine them, and direct them to the appropriate treatment mode.

The various assessment frameworks built into EDWARD Suite's SPM module and the dynamic projection capabilities of the results make it easy to compare, refine, and select topics.

With EDWARD Suite's SPM module, you can develop an integrated (strategy/organisation/impact) approach that forecasts the appropriate level of resource availability and provides the right degree of visibility on the first management circle.


How do you embed EDWARD into your company's ecosystem?

We offer solutions for all types of infrastructure. You can either use our cloud servers or your own data centres to host application data.

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Functionalities for the analysis and recovery of useful data


Visualise the portfolio

The EDWARD Suite dashboard shares the status of the strategic project portfolio in real time (focus, level of business demand, project maturity).

Qualifying projects

An ID Card gathers the information essential to qualifying the project while providing a space for stakeholder collaboration. In order to carry out quality arbitrations, the ID Card natively embeds help repositories as well as a validation workflow.

Facilitating trade-offs

The dynamic representation of the issues and comparative accessibility of projects in a strategic portfolio makes it easier to take joint, informed decisions.

Visualising the roadmap

By setting the desired date for achieving the project's expected gains, EDWARD Suite automatically embeds the project into the portfolio on the basis of the scores awarded to qualify it.

Supporting the portfolio review

By regularly observing how resources are consumed by project, EDWARD Suite makes the strategic portfolio dynamic enough to take tactical decisions and the resulting trade-offs.