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20 €

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All EDWARD Suite features

All EDWARD Suite features

Access to the most recent 5,000 objects** in the workspace

5 GB of total storage space

Up to 500 users

Five applications and integration modules

Access to contextual user help

Access to all standard features listed within a standard, unmodifiable usage template provided by EDWARD

* Co-worker users receive notifications and can validate activities or view reports.

** Project, activity, milestone, deliverable, action, information, decision, committee, meeting, risk, report, project items from the last 6 months.

Customer Success support

Unlimited number of objects

100 GB of storage space

Generalized change history function

Unlimited applications and integration modules

Reversibility function

Enhanced authentication features

PRO user support for template adaptation

Choice of dedicated infrastructure: dedicated SaaS or OnPremise

URL customisation

PDF and e-mail template customisation

Export customisation

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Customised authentication functions

EDWARD Suite offers you the possibility of creating several workspaces to completely isolate your data depending on your internal projects or those of your various clients.

You can define a package for each workspace depending on your needs. You only need one login to connect to all your workspaces.

EDWARD Suite features

All Suite modules and applications are available.

Logo DCM

Decision & Commitment Manager

Monitoring commitments


  • Manage programmes, projects, worksites and domains
  • Generate reports that give the status of a programme, projects and associated worksites in real time
  • Structure programmes and their governance
  • Track users' actions and tasks, in list or kanban table
  • Organise meetings and write optimised minutes
  • Access an automatic dashboard that displays all useful, urgent information
  • Produce deliverables and monitor their progress
  • Planifier des activités et des jalons à différents niveaux et afficher les plannings sur différentes échelles de temps
  • Access a contextualised file manager


  • Automatically log, access versions, and archive files and object changes
  • Create and launch workflows directly from the application
  • Analyse the occupancy rate of project teams according to the roles assigned
  • Access EDWARD's targeted and personalised proposals and recommendations
  • Customise your dashboard and notifications
  • Access a library of object templates

Logo SPM

Strategic Portfolio Manager

Demand Management


  • Create and manage project portfolios
  • Qualify projects on a complete, structured ID Card
  • Project projects in a portfolio onto an accessibility matrix
  • Reassess projects by dragging and dropping them directly onto the matrix
  • View the portfolio dashboard and display comparable projects
  • Follow the portfolio roadmap on a variable timescale


  • Create and launch workflows to validate ID Cards directly from the application
  • Build custom repositories that will allow you to rate and compare projects in line with your criteria
  • Access a library of pre-programmed repositories in EDWARD
  • Display intelligent recommendations to optimally qualify projects
  • Transfer a project to DCM

Logo WKF

Workflow Manager

Follow-up on validations


  • Create customised workflow templates. Add milestones and response deadlines, designate milestone leaders and their deputies.
  • Launch workflows from custom templates
  • Track the progress of workflows that have been launched
  • Invite people to collaborate and manage rights to workflows and templates
  • Suspend, resume, or cancel a workflow in progress


  • Monitor the progress of workflows integrated with the various EDWARD applications
  • Enable advanced monitoring and notifications
  • Launch contextualised workflows on the fly, on all objects in the EDWARD suite

Logo EDW


News about your projects


  • Access the workspace social network
  • Publish targeted or public messages to everyone in the workspace
  • Display automatic publications generated by EDWARD concerning objects in the application
  • Highlight specific collaborators to draw their attention to a particular piece of information
  • Filter news-feed posts
  • Provide comments on publications or other comments
  • React to posts or comments


  • Create a contextualised publication feed using the suite's objects
  • Share feeds to members outside the workspace through a public page generated on demand
  • Schedule publication feeds for later distribution