Partner program

When you join the EDWARD Software Partner Program, you receive a set of key benefits that allow you to make a difference.

The Partner label is dedicated to companies and consultants who deliver quality services with EDWARD Suite.

From the customer's perspective, working with a Partner ensures that the Partner :

  • Is a consulting partner, specializing in the transformation and management of business transformation programs
  • Is trained in all EDWARD Suite modules and applications
  • Has access to training programs in digital consulting methodologies with EDWARD Suite

Partner benefits

EDWARD Suite partners benefit from numerous advantages. The Partner label is available in 3 levels and allows each partner to make a difference for their customers and collaborators.

Percentage of projects conducted with EDWARD Suite >25% >50% >80%
Engagement Access to the roadmap
Participation in the roadmap
Participation in user workshops (UX/UI)
Access to ticketing
Access to feedback
Access to business templates
Training Access to online training
Access to online support
Access to Customer Success
30 min access to a functional expert at workspace initialization
Preview access to beta features
Marketing and sales Use of the brand to promote yourself as a partner
Access to joint marketing and sales operations