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Here you will find all the technical terms you will encounter in our application suite.



A deliverable is a product or service created during the course of the project. It is the completion of a process, a task, a part of the project or the completion of the whole project. A project may therefore have several deliverables.

Generally, a deliverable is tangible, measurable, specific and has a deadline. A deliverable is the result of a milestone or deadline in the project plan. It can be software, a design document, a training programme or any other element, product or result required in the project schedule.

Some examples of deliverables are:

A specification
A feasibility study
A project schedule
A report
A software or application

A deliverable may consist of several smaller deliverables. When a deliverable is released, it means that a deadline or milestone has been reached. In project management, it is common for one deliverable to be dependent on the completion of another deliverable, especially when the project consists of many milestones.