Solution: Consulting firms

Management Control Department

EDWARD Suite makes it easier to track the status of delivery resources, especially on fixed-price projects.

The monitoring of predefined commitments, the integrated follow-up of risk containment actions, and the measured and historicised quality of all committee decisions help ensure control of consumption and the associated billing.

By tracking predefined commitments against actual consumption over time, you will be able to ensure both control and the associated billing issues.

Using the automatic breakdown of the different possible score lines for a given resource, you will be able to control the allocation of resources more reliably.

Other solutions for consulting firms

Business Units Department

Provide BU Consulting departments with a "digitised" process for meta-managing transformation projects, capable of raising awareness and training their consultants in best practices.

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Commercial Department

Optimise your sales effort by helping create any commercial proposal on its most frequently recurring aspects and facilitate drawing up a budget involving several BUs.

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Delivery and Quality Department

Standardise delivery, facilitate remote management and team supervision, and build, deploy and monitor the implementation of the Quality Assurance plan in the easiest way.

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How do you embed EDWARD into your company's ecosystem?

We offer solutions for all types of infrastructure. You can either use our cloud servers or your own data centres to host application data.

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