Solution: Consulting firms

Business Units Department

Make a real difference! Equip yourself with a "digitized" transformation process capable of raising awareness and training your consultants in best practices.

Install and maintain a consistent baseline for your consultants on best practices for managing business transformation projects

Establish a process for continuously improving your firm's best delivery practices using the collaborative features of EDWARD Suite.

Make your project optimisation more systematic by using the data collection and organisation functions in EDWARD Suite (project files, key documents, integrated end-of-project audits, etc.).

Help create your sales proposals and stimulate the pre-sales effort by focusing consultants on the substantive issues, planning and deliverables to be produced.

Other solutions for consulting firms

Commercial Department

Optimise your sales effort by helping create any commercial proposal on its most frequently recurring aspects and facilitate drawing up a budget involving several BUs.

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Management Control Department

Simplify the tracking of delivery resources, particularly for fixed-price projects, and ensure that consumption is monitored.

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Delivery and Quality Department

Standardise delivery, facilitate remote management and team supervision, and build, deploy and monitor the implementation of the Quality Assurance plan in the easiest way.

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How do you embed EDWARD into your company's ecosystem?

We offer solutions for all types of infrastructure. You can either use our cloud servers or your own data centres to host application data.

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