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Information Systems Department

Implementing the strategy of Operational Departments within the Information Systems (IS) Department's roadmap ensures that the IS is aligned with the company's ambitions. This roadmap therefore incorporates each person's contribution to the company's plan in the form of concrete commitments.

Monitoring buy-in and cross-contributions between different departments within the IT department will ensure the agility of the overall roadmap and respond quickly to any sudden changes in the ecosystem (VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) system).

By ensuring the visibility of all topics that overlap the company's different departments, priority topics are naturally prioritised.
The Information Systems Department is then able to adapt its portfolio to make an optimal contribution.

Other solutions for companies/institutions

General Management

Supervise the company's roadmap with a remote management system to ensure and accelerate decision-making.

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Direction Opérationnelles

Optimise the effectiveness of each Department's roadmaps in the overall plan, and convert them into guided commitments.

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Finance Department

Ensure a balanced and agile budget to implement the business plan.

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How do you embed EDWARD into your company's ecosystem?

We offer solutions for all types of infrastructure. You can either use our cloud servers or your own data centres to host application data.

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