Optimise the effectiveness of each Department's roadmaps in the overall plan, and convert them into guided commitments.

Developing a department's roadmap in the form of concrete commitments is a crucial stage during which all redundant issues must be eliminated. Subsequently, implementing this roadmap as a set of concrete and controlled commitments ensures that everyone contributes to the company's plan.

It is essential to identify the touch points and cross-contributions between the portfolios in different Departments. By making them visible and sharing them, these issues can be handled in a coordinated manner, and in the most efficient way.

By giving visibility to issues that are common to different departments across the company, these topics can be automatically prioritised. Each department can then adapt its portfolio to ensure that it makes an optimum contribution. EDWARD Suite allows you to define the order and priority level of projects to be undertaken.

General Management

Supervise the company's roadmap with a remote management system to ensure and accelerate decision-making.

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Information Systems Department

Safeguard roadmap implementation for each department, while optimising the roadmap for the Information Systems Department.

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Finance Department

Ensure a balanced and agile budget to implement the business plan.

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How do you embed EDWARD into your company's ecosystem?

We offer solutions for all types of infrastructure. You can either use our cloud servers or your own data centres to host application data.

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